Bape Sneakers - Fake Bapesta Sneakers killing the brand?One of the most counterfeited contemporary brands is surely BAPE. BAPE, short for A Bathing Ape and brainchild of Fashion-Guru, DJ Nigo, is sold through exclusive retail outlets at exorbitant prices — at least the authentic BAPE, or Bapesta, Sneakers are. These days, however, it seems you can buy a truck load of snide BAPE sneakers online for the price of ONE authentic pair.

Many argue that our man, Nigo, has only himself to blame for this phenomenon. The rationale goes that Nigo knew exactly what he was doing when he marketed his product in such a way that demand way exceed supply in an attempt to create an acutely desired and therefore exclusive product. This, the argument goes, is igniting the counterfeit bomb which will eventually kill the brand! Perhaps there’s a lesson here for all brands; cyberspace doesn’t tolerate traditional marketing BS – it’s time to think outside the box!