Angelina Jolie in new Edwin Jeans advertSo Angelina Jolie is taking over from her reputed husband-to-be, Brad Pitt, and will appear in a new Edwin Jeans advert.  According to America’s Us Weekly magazine Angelina Jolie was spotted filming the Edwin Jeans advert in California whilst her adopted son played with Brad Pitt nearby.

Brad Pitt was the face of Edwin jeans in Asia from 1996 to 1999 and helped the brand establish itself as a major denim force but he always refused to appear in American adverts for the aspiring premium denim brand. Perhaps Angelina is less coy about playing to her home audience? If the story’s true it’ll be a major coup for Edwin Jeans who are determine to snatch a sizeable slice of the American denim market.

Angelina Jolie, or Laura Croft, gracing the screens in a pair of tight Edwin’s is bound to attract much excitement and, indeed, sales. Smart move Edwin!