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March 2006

Bape Sneakers – Fake Bapesta Sneakers killing the brand?

Bape Sneakers - Fake Bapesta Sneakers killing the brand?One of the most counterfeited contemporary brands is surely BAPE. BAPE, short for A Bathing Ape and brainchild of Fashion-Guru, DJ Nigo, is sold through exclusive retail outlets at exorbitant prices — at least the authentic BAPE, or Bapesta, Sneakers are. These days, however, it seems you can buy a truck load of snide BAPE sneakers online for the price of ONE authentic pair.

Many argue that our man, Nigo, has only himself to blame for this phenomenon. The rationale goes that Nigo knew exactly what he was doing when he marketed his product in such a way that demand way exceed supply in an attempt to create an acutely desired and therefore exclusive product. This, the argument goes, is igniting the counterfeit bomb which will eventually kill the brand! Perhaps there’s a lesson here for all brands; cyberspace doesn’t tolerate traditional marketing BS – it’s time to think outside the box!

Y-3 Trainers Adidas Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto Sneakers

Y-3 Trainers Adidas Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto SneakersBorn in Tokyo in 1943, Yohji Yamamoto was a graduate of the prestigious Keio University and Bunka Fashion College (Bunkafukuso Gakuin), Yamamoto is a keen harmonica player and fan of Bob Dylan. In 1970, he began designing women’s clothing. Two years later, he set up his own company, Y’s and he showed his first collection in Tokyo in 1977. His unique style attracted universal recognition after showing his spring/summer collection in Paris in 1983.

Said Yohji: “People of my generation were ripped off by economic success: during our youth, the industry kept pumping out new products we couldn’t believe in, because we knew, come tomorrow, they would be out of style. So we became the first generation to wear second-hand clothes.”

Yamamoto is the only Japanese fashion designer to have been awarded the French Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres. He was the winner of the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prize in 1986. Today, Yohji Yamamoto is known widely for his collaboration with Adidas and the creation of the Y-3 brand.

What are the origins of Y-3? Yohji Yamamoto, one of the most influential and avante garde designers of our time, approached Adidas as the original sports brand to initiate collaboration. Together Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto developed a collection that represents fashion, sport, fine craftsmanship and the future of sportswear.

The philosophy: Y-3 has not only been created with an image and prestige perspective in mind, but also to become successful business-wise. Y-3 completes the Adidas product range from sports performance to sport heritage as the third Adidas division sports style.

Fake London Jeans – Fake London Genius

Fake London Jeans - Fake London GeniusCatherine of Aragon was the original Spanish Queen with an English heart. The beautiful and loyal Queen of England was infamously removed to enable King Henry VIII to remarry and reset the course of English history.

Today we have a new Spanish Queen with an English heart. Desiree Mejer was born in 1968 and decided to move to London in 1992. Desiree set up the Fake London Genius fashion brand in 1995. Fake London is a fashion forward brand in love with the Union Jack and English Bull Terriers. Fake London Genius exudes archetypal Englishness; the brand holds true to the Cross of St. George like no other brand past or present.

All Fake London clothing possesses a uniquely English quality; pure punk with a regal flavour. The Fake London jeans are well made and accessorised with chains and English imagery. The tops and jackets are equally adorned. All in all Fake London flies the English flag high and proudly. Perhaps Desiree Mejer is the reincarnation of Catherine of Aragon afterall.

RARE Jeans RARE Clothes and a Confused Message

RARE Jeans RARE Clothes and a Confused MessageRARE Jeans continue to persist with their controversial marketing campaign which pitches same gender individuals in overt sexual scenes. Many argue this strategy is no more than reverse-marketing aimed at attracting recognition and attention through controversy and provocation. No doubt, this technique can be very successful. However, the execution needs the skill and precision of an experienced surgeon as even a minor slip will have devastating consequences. RARE Jeans may have severed a main artery with the execution of this campaign.

This is a loose English translation of the RARE Jeans campaign: “The concept that is at the base of the new campaign of communication integrated by Rare, developed in collaboration with the great creative photographer, Oliveriero From Tuscany gets expression from: “Maximum  liberty of behaviors, interpretations and principles of expressions, and that of a homosexual.  Also this and the sense and the spirit of fashion.

In the photographic images flown out of Tuscan Oliveriero two men play with their sexuality. They touch themselves. They joke. They do not take themselves too seriously.  But, they respect themselves. They give life to a shape of obvious ambiguity.”

Translation issues aside, why would RARE, or any fashion brand, believe they can enhance their brand’s popularity amongst heterosexuals by promoting their product through homosexual lifestyle scenes? Surely this alienates both heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. Heterosexuals will not want to be seen in a brand which is advertised with homosexial connotations and homosexuals may feel the campaign is exploitative and misleading. All in all, this campaign looks like a lose/lose effort! Perhaps RARE have inadvertently confused being edgy with being senseless.

Puma Miharayasuhiro so Puma Miharayasuhiro

Puma Miharayasuhiro so Puma MiharayasuhiroTo paraphrase a well known song: Puma Miharayasuhiro so good they named it twice. Perhaps one of the few truly inspirational collaborations, Puma Miharayasuhiro delivers breathtaking footwear with unique styling.

Born in 1972, Yasuhiro Mihara grew up in Fukuoka, in the western part of Japan. Influenced by his mother, an abstract artist, Mihara flourished in an artistic environment.

Yasuhiro Mihara Graduated from the Taina Art University in 1997, where he had a glimpse of shoe craftsmanship, and immediately fell for its intricacies and techniques. He then taught himself the traditional ways of shoe-making.

1n 1998 his first store, SOSU (prime number) Miharasuhiro, was established in Aoyana Tokyo.

The Miharasuhiro Collection consists of apparel, shoes and accessories for men and women. Mihara’s design philosophy is to break through the boundaries that we have set up through the course of fashion history. He designs with the intent of changing our perception and stereotypes. Not interested in churning out mass produced high street numbers, Mihara is interested in reaction of people to his creation; he wants an emotive response.

In 2000, Mihara collaborated with PUMA to create the PUMA Mihara collection. With each season of the collaboration, Mihara’s collection with PUMA has evolved, becoming more authentic and truly original.

“Puma’s an international brand so it was definitely the easiest way to get my name known overseas,” says Yasuhiro Mihara. “Even if people in Europe have an interest in Japan they can’t get information about it. However fast air travel gets, Japan is always going to be the Far East. But working with Puma has been like a pipeline and it’s made it easier to get offers from overseas agents.”

Earnest Sewn Jeans – Earnest Sewn and the Denim Grail

Earnest Sewn Jeans - Earnest Sewn and the Denim GrailIs the search for the denim grail finally over? For many years noble knights of the round rivet have been seeking what many consider to be no more than a myth: Perfect Denim Jeans! Well, there are now murmurings that the search is over and Earnest Sewn Jeans are the myth made reality. Let’s allow Earnest Sewn to tell the story:

Earnest Sewn, by definition, is a denim brand which pays homage to its Americana past and mixes, for perhaps the first time, traditional denim workwear with the ancient Japanese style aesthetic, Wabi-Sabi. Designed and launched by the former co-founder/designer of Paper Denim & Cloth, Scott Morrison, the Earnest Sewn design principle is literally translated as ‘product sewn in earnest’. Focusing on each individual jean and the numerous amounts of processing, hand application, and refinishing techniques used to create an Earnest Sewn jean, he takes things even further by intentionally incorporating imperfection and inconsistency into key design and sewing details. This is exhibited in irregularities such as stitch detailing, needlework, sewing construction, trims, thread variation, and our ever changing ‘e & s’ back pocket decorative stitching.

Although several themes are referenced throughout the collection, the most significant reference is in Earnest Sewn’s adoption of the Japanese aesthetic system of traditional beauty, Wabi-Sabi. At its core, “Wabi-Sabi is the beauty of all things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.” * The idea that perfection can be found in the imperfect is not a new thought, in fact it’s thousands of years old, but when combined with distinctly American products such as jeans, workwear, and sportswear, the result is fresh and unexpected.

Those fortunate enough to find a pair of Earnest Sewn in their local retailer will have found a line of denim and denim related products that reflect an unprecedented commitment to quality and individual style. They’ll also find an unwavering appreciation for denim and the fading mystique of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Each piece of Earnest Sewn is handcrafted to perfection, the end result, an obvious byproduct of our obsession.

* Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren

Paul & Shark Shirts versus Paul & Shark Reputation

Paul & Shark Shirts versus Paul & Shark ReputationWhen it comes to authentic casual shirts, Paul & Shark reputedly sets the standard for craftsmanship and quality. Paul & Shark has an almost legendary reputation for designing and producing unrivalled casual shirts. Whether their traditional cotton shirts or their exquisite polo shirts, Paul & Shark has become the choice of the connoisseur.

Paul & Shark was founded in 1921 in the medieval hamlet of Masnago, Varese in the country-side close to Milan. Since then Paul & Shark has grown into a major fashion brand recognised for its strong nautical design themes. Paul & Shark has a wide and loyal customer base. Many Paul & Shark aficionados will tell you once you’ve tried the brand it will stay with you forever.

Does Paul & Shark actually live up to its legendary reputation? If the brand could talk it would maintain a dignified silence as true class has innate modesty.

Al Quds jeans – Designer Jeans for Muslims

Al Quds jeans - Designer Jeans for MuslimsThis is perhaps the most extraordinary fashion line of 2006. An Italian company based in Udine has produced a pair of jeans especially designed for Muslims. Al Quds Jeans are designed to be extra roomy so the wearer supposedly avoids stiffness whilst kneeling in prayer. Moreover, the pockets are designed to accommodate the usual array of accessories Muslims have to remove whilst they worship. Finally, the Al Quds Jeans have green seams since this is a sacred Islamic colour.

You’re probably thinking this is some kind of irreverent joke? No, it’s absolutely genuine. This is a quote from the Al Quds website:

“I am AL QUDS jeans, the jeans of choice for Islam as the inspiration comes from here and it is to this world that they refer. The precious stimuli and suggestions that come from the sacred Arab World and from ordinary, every day life are captured and brought to fruition in AL QUDS jeans satisfying the needs of a couture fashion line which arises from the most “cultural” gesture of the street: jeans made to pray in, jeans for those who choose a different path. It is a wider concept because it is a step made for the World, seductive original and distinguished.

This line is therefore serious, looked for with discretion, natural elegant and not ostentatious. This is reflected in the care and attention to detail, from the denim material to the design which offers the comfort necessary for everyday wear.

A new expression for an old tradition; a way to express your origins and show them.”

No doubt, many people will be asking whether this is a sacriligious exploitation of Faith for commercial ends. Perhaps the Imams are the only people qualified to provide a definitive answer. Regardless, many will view this as a further attempt to dillute the Sacred.

Mustang Jeans & Clothing – The New Gold Rush!

Mustang Jeans & Clothing - The New Gold Rush!Fall/Winter 2006 – FACE THE NORTH

The new 2006 Mustang fall/winter collection will put you in the mood for adventure, stirring up the fresh-and-frosty feelings associated with Northern countries. Denim with a patina finish, dark washes, and raw-and-dusty open weaves evoke memories of gold-rush days from long ago. Broken twill adds to this sense of excitement, as do flat weaves with authentic washes that feature strongly in this season’s range. Scuffed effects, a weathered appearance and “lost” buttons that have been replaced are combined with hand-sewn leather patches on jeans and jackets. The result – garments that look like they’ve been forgotten in a mine for decades. ‘Amateur’ cross-stitch details have a made-by-grandma touch. And blast-from-the-past designs, such as lounge, military, and lumber jackets, frock coats, and cabans, are back and all the rage. Five-pocket pants, drainpipes for boys and girls, cargo styles, worker looks, and all kinds of suit trousers are also sure to impress. While tulle fabric, small-and-dainty collars, attractive buttons, bodice designs and eyelets simply ooze feminine appeal.

Fashion Magazine on DVD – Get inside Fly for Fashion

Fashion Magazine on DVD - Get InsideFly for Fashion

Like all great concepts it’s simple! Fly is a contemporary forward-think Fashion and Lifestyle magazine which is neatly packaged on DVD. This fresh, environmentally-responsible, method of disseminating news, gossip, articles and reviews plainly represents the dawn of a new era in publication. Save a tree get the DVD!

FLY’s Zero Issue includes 140 mins of film content – including 14 short fashion films by established and emerging photographers / filmmakers featuring designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Boudicca, Zac Posen, Calvin Klein, Cloak, Y3 etc.  In addition there are also 6 interviews and documentaries, 9 music videos and The Loop (30 mins of cool film clips from FLY playing to mixed music from Output Recordings).

FLY sells at places like Colette (Paris), Moss (New York), Seven New York, 10 Corso Como (Milan), Dover Street Market (London), Surface2Air (Paris), Conran Shop (USA and Japan), The Mercer hotel, Soho House etc.

The intelligent DVD format fully engages the consumer; it takes you from a two dimensional to a fully interactive three dimensional world — a crude but fair analogy!

Sir Elton John & Fashion Queen Karl Lagerfeld Feud

Sir Elton John & Fashion Queen Karl Lagerfeld FeudDing-Ding, round one for the ultimate pink punch-up! Sir Elton John and Fashion Queen Karl Lagerfeld are reputedly in the midst of a major “Tiaras at Dawn” conflict.

Facts, as always, are rather vague. Nonetheless, it appears the conflict started when Karl “The Abominable Gay Man” Lagerfeld snubbed the wedding of Sir Elton John and David Furnish because of extreme security measures at the after party celebration. Karl Lagerfeld reputed said:

“I refused to go to Elton’s civil ceremony. I got a paper saying no gifts for the couple. Cameras are forbidden, cell phones are to be deposited at the arrival. No smoking. I will not go where things are forbidden and I’m told to behave. They say it’s security – I went to The White House, I went to the court of Monaco, and I never got this. You feel not like a guest. You feel like an unpaid extra. You’re hostage for a party.”

No doubt the girls will soon kiss and make up; let’s face it, their wigs are actually brother and sister, so these two super-queens are albeit related!

Sugar Cane Jeans – Sugar Cane Dungarees

Sugar Cane Jeans - Sugar Cane Dungarees - Japanese Selvage DenimSugar Cane Jeans are a uniquely Japanese denim made from — you guessed it: sugar cane. For many years Sugar Cane Jeans were a ferociously guarded Japanese secret but today the brand is attracting global attention. Interestingly, Sugar Cane prefer to use the vintage term “dungarees” in preference to the term “jeans” to discribe their product: “The word, ”jeans”, has become the vernacular for faux denim fashion wear that masquerades as the tough, classic waist overalls history made famous.”.

Sugar Cane Jeans are cut from original and truly outstanding Japanese selvage denim. Japanese selvage denim is arguably the finest in the world. Japanese selvage denim is made on old style shuttle looms rather than modern projectile looms. In simple terms this means that the cross thread goes back and forth during the weaving process. Modern looms, shoot each cross thread through individually, hence the edge of the cloth is frayed rather than clean. No shuttle looms have be made for over 40 years as they can only make cloth about 30 inches wide whereas projectile looms can make fabric 60 inches or even wider for much less money.

Sugar Cane Jeans are constructed of fibers derived from the plant that gave rise to the brand name – SUGAR CANE. Sugar is made from sugar cane, that seems simple enough, but not everyone knows that sugar cane and its byproducts contain essential amino acids and enzymes necessary to fuel and rejuvenate our bodies. Likewise, byproducts from sugar cane are used to fuel automobiles in Brazil in order to have a less harmful impact on the environment than found in burned fuels of a purely fossil origin. Following these facts in a rather philosophical approach, the textile specialists at Sugar Cane were the first in the world to produce a selvage-denim fabric made from woven cotton yarns and sugar cane fibers. Cotton and sugar cane yarns are dyed completely by hand (no machines of any kind are ever used) following an ancient Japanese technique using only 100% all-natural indigo dyes (no artificial or blended dyes are ever used). In this specific selvage dungaree style, the indigo plants, cotton and sugar cane are all harvested from regions of Japan.

Sugar Cane Jeans don’t come cheap but if you’re looking for a pair of truly vintage Japanese selvage jeans then these are the true originals amongst an illustrious list of “pretenders” to the crown!

Angelina Jolie in new Edwin Jeans advert?

Angelina Jolie in new Edwin Jeans advertSo Angelina Jolie is taking over from her reputed husband-to-be, Brad Pitt, and will appear in a new Edwin Jeans advert.  According to America’s Us Weekly magazine Angelina Jolie was spotted filming the Edwin Jeans advert in California whilst her adopted son played with Brad Pitt nearby.

Brad Pitt was the face of Edwin jeans in Asia from 1996 to 1999 and helped the brand establish itself as a major denim force but he always refused to appear in American adverts for the aspiring premium denim brand. Perhaps Angelina is less coy about playing to her home audience? If the story’s true it’ll be a major coup for Edwin Jeans who are determine to snatch a sizeable slice of the American denim market.

Angelina Jolie, or Laura Croft, gracing the screens in a pair of tight Edwin’s is bound to attract much excitement and, indeed, sales. Smart move Edwin!

Adicolor Trainers by Adidas – Adicolor Customised Sneakers

Adicolor Trainers by Adidas - Adicolor Customised SneakersAdidas reintroduce their original White Series adicolor footwear with a deafening advertising cry. The retro concept is clearly marketed to attract nostalgia and simultaneously appeal to a fresh young audience. Adidas use the words of Leonardo da Vinci to reintroduce the customisable White Series: “For those colours which you wish to be beautiful always first prepare a pure white background”.

In 1983, adidas introduced a totally original concept to the world of sportswear – adicolor. Specially created all-white footwear models were presented alongside weatherproof and quickdrying markers. They allowed every customer to produce their own unique pair of training shoes and provided a means of expression for individuality and personal style.

Today, adicolor returns in a sophisticated interpretation of the original concept. As well as the reintroduction of the original models, some of the most iconic and beloved pieces from the adidas archives are back, in all-white, with refined customisation tools.

From the White Series, a collection of classic adidas pieces has been carefully reworked for adicolor along with meticulous recreations of original adicolor shoes. To go with these much-loved models adidas proudly provides a set of premium customisation tools. With these accompaniments the customer can create their own one-off product and shoe their individual style.

The shoes were originally presented alongside a set of pens in six colors: red, blue, yellow, green, pink and black. In 2006 the same colors return to complete six distinctive palettes of products.

John Galliano Fashion Designer John Galliano Homme

John Galliano Fashion Designer John Galliano HommeAt last an online store dedicated to the visionary fashion designer, John Galliano. Go Go Galliano! offers an extensive collection of John Galliano clothes, shoes and accessories, including some very rare collector’s items. Go Go Galliano! also offers a few complimentary pieces by Alexander McQueen, DSquared, Balenciaga and Burberry Prorsum.


John Galliano Quick Bio:

Born: 1960, in Juan Carlos, Gibraltar

First break: “Les Incroyables,” his graduation collection at Central Saint Martins, garnered an unprecedented amount of attention and was displayed in the window of Browns in London.

Company founded: 1984

Based in: Paris

Selected awards: British Designer of the Year (1987, 1994, 1995), one of Time’s 100 Global Icons (2004)

Signature quote: “A sense of narrative inspires me. It gives me a sense of richness.”

Worn by: David Beckham, Justin Timberlake.

In 1961 Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano was born in Gibraltar of Spanish parents Anita and Juan Carlos Galliano. In 1966 his parents emigrated to London with Juan and two daughters. He attended Wilsons Grammar School and excelled in languages. While doing his A levels, he took up textiles and put together a portfolio to present to St. Martins College of art. He was accepted.

He experimented with bias cutting, reviving and refining it. He worked with Tommy Nutter, in Savile Row, London’s famous tailors street. He noticed that sleeves swung forwards, as if cut on the curve, so that you could really move your arms. He began cutting sleeves in a spiral so that his armholes could be neat and even cut trousers on the bias to make legs look slender.

Paul Smith Wallet – Paul Smith Naked Lady Wallet.

Paul Smith Wallet - Paul Smith Naked Lady WalletIs the Paul Smith Naked Lady wallet sexist and degrading to women or a clever and harmless piece of marketing?

The buxom brunette, pictured kneeling naked and holding a red telephone, is the favourite model of Archie Dickens, who works from his small studio in West Wickham. The 94-year-old pensioner initially sold the illustration to an American collector who then sold it on to Sir Paul Smith, who uses it in his wallets, cufflinks, keyrings, shirts and belts. Archie insists his designs are cheeky but not in any way pornographic.

Perhaps the decisive question is, how would guys feel if women carried purses with pictures depicting naked men? A fair compromise might be a wallet depicting a naked woman and man side-by-side?

Adidas Trainers Collaboration – Adidas Trainers with an Edge!

Adidas Trainers Collaboration - Adidas Trainers with an Edge!Working extremely closely with Adidas on all thier product development this collaborative effort for spring ‘06 features designs pulled from historical items and Adidas Originals trend product. oki-ni endeavours to continually push the boundaries with thier Adidas designs, colour ways and materials and brings you originality plus a breath of fresh air.

For this season They see the re-introduction of the Wilhelm Bungert as part of the Icons theme celebrating the careers of three German world-class athletes. In 1967 Bungert was the first German tennis player to make it the Wimbledon finals and this shoe dedicated to his achievement was released in the early 1970’s. This classic sneaker is offered exclusively through oki-ni in these two new colour ways with tonal Three Stripes. Reminiscent of the Superstar, this style features a rubber toecap designed to assist tennis players whose toes would drag on serves. Full grain leather uppers provide excellent support whilst the perforated sides and tongue allow for extra breathability. Adidas Tennis Trainers - Adidas Wilhelm Bungert TrainersThe sturdy textured sole and cap both in artic white provide excellent grip and flexibility. Dual branding of oki-ni/Adidas is used on the tongue and innersole thus adding to the exclusivity of this sneaker. This style launches in late March 2006 in sizes (UK) 6-12.

First seen in 1968 the Gazelle was created as a general athletic training shoe and became renowned for its incredible cushioning. The Gazelle has been re-interpreted for oki-ni in two styles across four exclusive colour ways. Both styles use full grain leathers to replace the more common suede upper.Vintage Adidas Trainers - Adidas Gazelle TrainersGAZELLE LASER uses full grain leather for the upper with stitch details signifying the Three Stripes, plus an oki-ni laser cut detail in the outsole. Whereas the GAZELLE VINTAGE has an outsole, eye stag and Three Stripes all created from white suede. Each style has a rubberised sole tread featuring a circular forefoot wedge insert to relieve excessive pressure. Perfect for summer, these stylish all-purpose sneakers are available with dual branding in contrasting colours on the tongue and innersole heightening the exclusivity factor. The Gazelle laser will be available in April 2006 in sizes (UK) 6-12. The Gazelle Vintage will be available in May 2006 in sizes (UK) 6-12

Rio Ferdinand Ultimate Model? Rio Ferdinand Unleashed!

Rio Ferdinand Ultimate Model? Rio Ferdinand Unleashed!The question recently arose asking who is the ultimate male clothes·horse — which guy has the best body for wearing and modeling clothes? And the name which came up most frequently was Rio Ferdinand, the Manchester United and England soccer star.

Rio Ferdinand, born on 7th November, 1978, in Peckham, South London, attributes his elegant stature to his formative training as a ballet dancer! The Manchester United and England defender revealed he turned down a five-year scholarship to ballet school. Said Rio: “It was like a drama school but you had to take part in ballet as well. I never admitted that as a kid but now I’m older I can admit something like that. I’ve always been involved in performing arts and, hopefully, in some shape or form, ballet has helped me – you’ve got to have balance to stay on your feet well. I’ve always been interested in the performing arts. I love music and I love performing. I probably would have done something like that if I didn’t play football, I was really into drama at school.”

At 187 cm in height and weighing a lean 88 kg, Rio Ferdinand’s statuesque frame has helped to launch an impressive list of high-profile media campaigns. If Rio does have the ultimate body for wearing and modeling clothes perhaps the yin-yang nature of his ballet and soccer training validates the principle of Universal Balance — a concept regrettably overlooked by too many fashion designers.

Diesel Sexy Jeans Advertisement over the edge!

Yves Saint Laurent Opium perfume advertisement featuring a naked Sophie DahlIt looks like Diesel have orchestrated a controversial advertising campaign to convolutedly gain brand exposure. The controversial advertisement, which has already been banned, depicts the rear of a naked man with three pairs of female legs hitched suggestively around his body.

Diesel Sexy Jeans Advertisement over the edge!


The controversial advertisement appeared in The Sunday Times Style Magazine and reputedly ignited outrage, not dissimilar to the Yves Saint Laurent Opium perfume advertisement featuring a naked Sophie Dahl.

Diesel reputedly countered the outrage by insisting their advertisement was appropriate for the Style Magazine readership.

Someone should remind the marketing team at Diesel that Subtle is invariable more Sexy!

Ben Sherman Shirt Ben Sherman Clothes Bridge it!

Ben Sherman Shirt Ben Sherman Clothes Bridge it!Ben Sherman is one of those truly rare brands that somehow manages to bridge the unbridgeable gap between youth-culture and middle age high-culture. Ben Sherman has the enviable quality of appealing to a full and varied spectrum of customers.

Ben Sherman goes right back to the 1950’s, but Ben Sherman really hit the fashion world in the 1960’s when the brand was albeit officially adopted by the MOD movement. The Ben Sherman brand continued to expand into the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. Today Ben Sherman is worn and respected the world over, not just by the brand’s original MOD followers but by skaters, hip-hop aficionados, city slickers, cabbies, footballers and celebrities. It appears that Ben Sherman unites people of amazingly diverse backgrounds, mindsets and viewpoints, which in a World of so much disharmony and polarisation is truly incredible!

Is Ben Sherman the real United Nations?

Billionaire Boys Club Pharrel Williams & Nigo

Billionaire Boys Club Pharrel Williams & NigoBillionaire Boys Club, a collaboration between Pharrell Williams, the highly regarded internationally acclaimed producer/artist of Neptunes and N.E.R.D, and Hip Hop fashion designer Nigo of “A Bathing Ape” fame and fortune, finally started to crawl off the production line at the end of 2005.

Originally Reebok were to produce the Billionaire Boys Club range of garments and the complimentary Ice Cream Sneakers range too back in 2004. However, for one reason or another that failed to transpire and the Billionaire Boys Club label failed to materialise in the exclusive fashion stores as expected. Apparently Pharrel Williams is in the process of suing Reebok for $4 million for breach of contract – Ouch! Looks like being messy.

These were Reebok’s original sentiments: “The Billionaire Boys Club collection is a true reflection of Pharrell’s attitude, universal appeal and lifestyle,” said Todd Krinsky, vice president of Rbk. “Whatever the context, Pharrell touches today’s youth with authenticity and relevancy.” Where did it all go wrong?

So where is Billionaire Boys Club now. We’re told on the official site “Billionaire Boys Club is a true lifestyle brand that is very limited and exclusive while maintaining an aspirational appeal to the global market.” The Hoodies, Tees, Polos and Sweats all look quality and the Nigo connection is sure to generate a lot of interest. That said, you can’t help feeling all the bad publicity in relation to Reebok, the delays in production and the questionable name (and acronym) all conspire against the brand having a major impact on the fashion world.

Maybe Pharrel should go back to what he does best and Nigo should stop and think about the potential negative impact BBC could have on his Bape brand?

Designer Dresses, Designer Suits & a Gut-Full of Boredom!

Designer Dresses, Designer Suits & a Gut-Full of Boredom!Is The Oscars the most boring event on TV? For how long does it drone on? Who are 95% of the “celebrities”? Is The Oscars the ultimate sedative?

So a bunch of “celebrities”, most of whom we’ve never heard and the rest of whom we wished we hadn’t, saunter down the red carpet in their very best attire. Ladies flow and pout in prestigious designer dresses from the likes of Alberta Ferretti, Stella McCartney, Versace, Michael Kors, Giorgio Armani…the list goes on and on… Guys strut and frown in exquisite designer suits from the likes of Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Valentino, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and likewise the illustrious list goes on and on… and all us fashion plebes around the world argue about who looks hot and who doesn’t and we all start to get excited and then we remember it’s The Oscars!

Lacoste Polo Shirt v Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Lacoste Polo Shirt v Ralph Lauren Polo ShirtThe race is on to find the world’s finest polo shirt! After exhaustive research a short list of top polo shirt labels has been compiled. The top labels include: D&G, Burberry, Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, Penguin, Ben Sherman, YSL Rive Gauche and Versace, but it will be no surprise to know Lacoste and Ralph Lauren came out on top.

The Lacoste Polo Shirt and the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt are both classics in their own right. Each label is synonymous with smart-casual style and each has an illustrious and enviable history to back up its claim to be the finest polo shirt designer in the world. So which label takes the crown in this online poll? The poll was very tight but Ralph Lauren shaved it by the slimmest of possible margins. In fact the margin was so slim, it was albeit a dead heat for pole position.

Lacoste Polo Shirt v Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt – who would you choose?

Sir Bod Geldof Fashion – is it Milano Grunge?

Sir Bod Geldof Fashion - is it Milano Grunge?From New York to London, from Paris to Milan, fashionistas are talking about a nascent fashion trend dubbed Milano Grunge.

For those wondering, the ether informs us that Milano Grunge is personified by Sir Bob Geldof; the style is chic, rich and almost aristocratic — yet in a certainly light you could easily confuse it with destitute! Imagine mixing a Paul Smith tailored shirt, a classic pair of Burberry trousers and a pair of Gucci shoes with a carpenter’s battered old jacket or a fisherman’s rough and frayed sweater…. and there you have it, Milano Grunge in its simplest form. Alternatively, it could be a pair of expensive designer jeans, a pair of hot Bapesta sneakers matched with a tatty and torn basic tee from a charity store.

Milano Grunge is a true dichotomy of nature. It’s the style of the wealthy who are partially embarrassed by their success, it’s the style of the humble who have an uncontrollable urge to succeed, it’s the style of a successful business-person and wannabe philanthropist — perhaps ultimately it could be coined as schizo-style; part glamour and part anti-glamour.

If the former Boomtown Rat is the inspiration behind Milano Grunge it probably won’t be too long before we see it in the top High Street stores — now that really would be a contradiction!

Brad Pitt’s Edwin Jeans versus Levi Jeans

Brad Pitt's Edwin Jeans versus Levi JeansThe fashion rumor-mill is rumbling and if speculation is to be believed Edwin Jeans are ready to battle the might Levi’s for global denim domination. Edwin Jeans has something of a reputation of being the Levi Jeans of the East and has held a dominant position in the Japanese denim market for many years which a great many fashion commentators attribute to superior product quality and intelligent advertising based around the world’s sexy man, Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt was the face of Edwin jeans in Asia from 1996 to 1999 and helped the brand establish itself as a major denim force. In the televised advertisements, Brad Pitt sings of the wonders of the Edwin Jeans 503, which he apparently mispronounces. Although Brad Pitt refuses to appear in American commercials, he appeared in a long list of Asian Edwin Jeans commercials. Edwin Jeans were reputedly very disappointed to lose their star celebrity back in 1999.Recently there’s been talk of Edwin Jeans expanding it’s reach across the pacific. The brand, it is rumored, believes its product is able to compete outside its long established regional territory and compete on the global stage. Edwin Jeans does have a historical base in Europe and although they are the leading jeans supplier in Japan with 800 employees with their headquarters in Tokyo which is still located in the same 1947 building, Edwin Jeans has been present in Europe since 1979 and built a new European office is in Basel, Switzerland in 2003. That said, they have never been able to “crack” Levi’s American market.

The highlight of the Edwin Jeans SS collection is their Natural Indigo Fabric, all developed and made in Japan. Their Natural Indigo is hand dyed, woven on the old narrow looms and also features the Edwin Rainbow Selvage. The Edwin Rainbow Selvage is a historic feature that has been on Edwin Fabrics since 1963. They are extending the male jeans offer with 4 styles and enlarging the finish offer to 12 finishes by style. The female collection covers 6 bottoms styles and also tops. The finishes will be focused on worn 2nd hand looks or unwashed denim, also on rainbow selvage.

So if Edwin Jeans are planning to bring the fight to Levi Jeans in their own backyard, the question on everyone’s lips is will they be able to persuade Brad Pitt to break his decision not to appear in American commercials. If they can persuade Brad Pitt then who knows maybe they will be able to apply a decisive blow to Levi’s — it wouldn’t be the first time a Japanese company floored its American opposition!

Jhung Yuro Limited Edition Luxury Shoes

Jhung Yuro Limited Edition Luxury ShoesOne of the most exclusive shoes of 2006 has arrived. The Jhung Yuro exlusive luxury lifestyle footwear is limited to just ONE shoe per size – now that’s LIMITED EDITION for real. The luxury shoe consists of full grain leather with genuine snake skin Split suede, leather sock and collar lining Cup sole with deco stitch detailing. Two sets of laces and a full grain leather shoe box, contrast deco stitch on box exterior, magnetic buckle closure Monogram interior box lining.

Launched in 2005, Jhung Yuro was created when designers Jhung Yuro and Ceasar Lunix recognized a void in the men’s luxury lifestyle footwear marketplace. Jhung Yuro is currently available in specialty boutiques including, Nom De Guerre and Otto Tootsie Plohound in New York City, Ubiq and Fusion in Philadelphia and Arrive in Miami.

The sophisticated new collection from Jhung Yuro gets its inspiration from the safari and various wildlife. Natural materials like snakeskin in vibrant colors continue Jhung Yuro’s design esthetic of the marriage of luxury lifestyle footwear and exclusivity with comfort and originality. Key styles for the season include the Exotic I and the Hiker Low, designed in rich, bold colorways and earth tones with pastel pops, respectively.

The collection is available to view and buy online: Click Here!

Artful Dodger Clothes – Bape Hoody Evisu Jeans hybrid

Artful Dodger Clothes - Bape Hoody Evisu Jeans hybridIs Artful Dodger a Bape x Evisu hybrid? Are Artful Dodger clothes for people who can’t afford genuine Bape and Evisu? Some fashion commentators have been throwing these suggesting around and some fashionistas have been blindly nodding in agreement.

In reality, Artful Dodger is neither a hybrid nor an economy label. Artful Dodger clothes are highly original and are not immersed in Bape style Hip-Hop Culture but have a genuine and unique flavor of their own: “Artful Dodger is best described as a European, contemporary men’s street wear line. Though urban casual, it’s the opposite of the baggy oversized hip-hop look associated with American street wear.”

The Artful Dodger x Evisu comparison is perhaps even more bogus. Artful Dodger jeans may have extravagant and ornate “oriental” detailing but there is no dominant logo engineered into the design and style-structure as with the Evisu gull-wings. Despite the need for some fashion commentators to pigeon whole and stratify, Artful Dodger is a unique brand — and whether you like the style or not it at least deserves recognition for its originality.