Red Monkey Jeans or Red Monkey CompanyRed Monkey Jeans or Red Monkey Company? What is it? In fact, some labels carry the name Red Monkey Compy because the leather patch was too small for the full name! Really!! Regardless the brand name is Red Monkey Company and they sell Red Monkey Jeans. Currently these jeans are some of the most difficult to find and it appears that the only people wearing the genuine denim is your top stars, Jay Z being the most talked about.

So what makes Red Monkey Jeans so exclusive. It all comes down to numbers. Red Monkey Company only make 50, that’s fifty, Red Monkey Jeans in each style – now that’s limited edition gone mad!! Add to the equation that most of your top stars are buying them up that leaves very little for poor old joe bloggs. But don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Although Red Monkey Company only make 50 Red Monkey Jeans per style they have very wisely decided to increase their number of styles: there’s the Tsunami and Warriors shortly to be accompanied by the controversial S&M and Bondage artwork depicting psuedo karma sutra embroidery. So in 2006 we should see more cool dudes strutting around in these elusive jeans. Although at over $500 a time for the authentic Red Monkey Jeans we won’t be seeing them on the street corners just yet!