Maria Sharapova and 24k Gold Nike TrainersWhy would Nike make a pair of 24k Gold Trainers for Maria Sharapova. Indeed, why would Maria Sharapova wear a pair of 24k Gold Nike Trainers in a tournament?

Is this type of shameless marketing to be applauded for its foresight and innovation or is it to be frowned upon for it’s disregard for heart and substance. Whatever your view, this type of shameless marketing is destined to expand with universal force. The question arises at what point will this type of marketing start to have a detrimental impact on the brands and their credibility. I would tentatively hazard a guess and say that point is almost upon us. Maria Sharapova’s Nike 24k Gold Trainers have attracted derision from a number of quarters for their outright ostentatiousness.

In a world being gently nudged in the direction of ehtical consumerism there really is no place for this type of shameless marketing and disregard for the populous’ sensibilities. Let’s hope Nike’s next marketing project is a pair of eco-friendly shoes which helps the environment and not exploits its inhabitants!