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January 2006

Red Monkey Jeans or Red Monkey Company

Red Monkey Jeans or Red Monkey CompanyRed Monkey Jeans or Red Monkey Company? What is it? In fact, some labels carry the name Red Monkey Compy because the leather patch was too small for the full name! Really!! Regardless the brand name is Red Monkey Company and they sell Red Monkey Jeans. Currently these jeans are some of the most difficult to find and it appears that the only people wearing the genuine denim is your top stars, Jay Z being the most talked about.

So what makes Red Monkey Jeans so exclusive. It all comes down to numbers. Red Monkey Company only make 50, that’s fifty, Red Monkey Jeans in each style – now that’s limited edition gone mad!! Add to the equation that most of your top stars are buying them up that leaves very little for poor old joe bloggs. But don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Although Red Monkey Company only make 50 Red Monkey Jeans per style they have very wisely decided to increase their number of styles: there’s the Tsunami and Warriors shortly to be accompanied by the controversial S&M and Bondage artwork depicting psuedo karma sutra embroidery. So in 2006 we should see more cool dudes strutting around in these elusive jeans. Although at over $500 a time for the authentic Red Monkey Jeans we won’t be seeing them on the street corners just yet!

Diesel Jeans Arker Jeans to Zathan Jeans

Diesel JeansHow many styles of denim jeans can one brand have in circulation at one time? Diesel Jeans surely takes to the rostrum and collects the gold medal for this one! In my estimation Diesel jeans has 44 different styles on offer!

Let’s list them: Arker F.P. Jeans, Bebel Jeans, Bebel B.C., Bethow, Braddo, Cayre, Cheebon, Chela, Cheren, Cherone, Eyefly, Farco, Hipper, Hush D.S., Junnie, Kajo, Keate, Koffha, Kurrat, Kycut, Lemmen, Levin, Liv, Lowky, Lowky B.C., Lugger, Moonie, Moorix, Murran, Onijo, Paddom, Pike, Preeto, Reckfly, Reckfly Special, Riden, Ronhar, Shazor, Wonnha, Woodley, Woodley Classic, Yarik, Zathan Jeans and finally Zavor jeans. Phew!! What a list of styles! Impressive? Perhaps it could be construed as an impressive endeavour on the part of Diesel to offer their customers a wide and varied selection of differing denim styles. Hey, we’re all different with different body shapes and differing intrepretations of what’s stylish – so let’s be charitable and give Diesel a big pat on the back for offering us such an impressive selection of jeans!!

On the other hand let’s be less charitable and categorically cry this smacks of desperation on the part of Diesel. Why oh why would any brand have 44 different styles available at one time? How many variations can one brand offer in denim jeans? Come on Diesel give us a break and offer us a dozen well designed and well marketed denim jeans. Study your customer and work to accommodate their needs rather than throwing out a mega-net hoping to catch as many indecisive buyers as you can. The old adage: Quality is better than Quantity comes to mind.

Come on Diesel we know you can do it if you try. Study your customer, ask questions and identify their needs and then go back to the drawing-board and create us 12 decent pairs of Diesel Jeans. Oh yeah, and cut the price by about 25%!!!

Maria Sharapova and 24k Gold Nike Trainers

Maria Sharapova and 24k Gold Nike TrainersWhy would Nike make a pair of 24k Gold Trainers for Maria Sharapova. Indeed, why would Maria Sharapova wear a pair of 24k Gold Nike Trainers in a tournament?

Is this type of shameless marketing to be applauded for its foresight and innovation or is it to be frowned upon for it’s disregard for heart and substance. Whatever your view, this type of shameless marketing is destined to expand with universal force. The question arises at what point will this type of marketing start to have a detrimental impact on the brands and their credibility. I would tentatively hazard a guess and say that point is almost upon us. Maria Sharapova’s Nike 24k Gold Trainers have attracted derision from a number of quarters for their outright ostentatiousness.

In a world being gently nudged in the direction of ehtical consumerism there really is no place for this type of shameless marketing and disregard for the populous’ sensibilities. Let’s hope Nike’s next marketing project is a pair of eco-friendly shoes which helps the environment and not exploits its inhabitants!

PRPS Jeans – Japanese Denim with an African Twist

Japanese JeansPrps is shorthand for ‘Purpose’ – the purpose of delivering the perfect denim product to the most discerning denim enthusiast. Street-style design from New York, an expert Japanese family-run mill and the softest organic African cotton all combine to forge the supplest fabric and most stylish product.

Time-tested classic denim, military, utilitarian and western pieces are the inspiration to create a collection transcending fads. And then given the characteristic Prps fingerprint – garments which are ‘bruised but never broken’.

Each jean is hand-finished into the most authentic vintage washes available. Every rivet placed, every button added shows immaculate attention to detail. From five different fly buttons to camouflage pocket bag linings, Prps assures that their denim collection is set apart from the rest.

Massimo Osti vision behind CP Company, Stone Island and others

Massimo Osti C.P.CompanyPRESS RELEASE

Massimo Osti Studio is very sad to announce that its founder, Massimo Osti, passed away on Monday 6th June 2005.

Our grief is for the loss of an unquestioned leader who, as Renzo Rosso (Diesel) described “has marked important moments that fashion will remember”.

Creator of brand trademarks such as CP Company and Stone Island since the seventies, Massimo Osti imposed himself for his abilities of invention, research and experimentation with forms and most of all materials.

Absolute innovator since the beginning, Massimo Osti first shocked everyone with his unusual experiments using silkscreen printing, Xeroxing and four colour printing on T Shirts.

An inventor more than a traditional fashion designer, Massimo has always emphasised the functional, technological and innovative aspect of his garments instead of simply mutating fashion tendencies.

His long research brought him to build an archive which includes over 30,000 garments and 55,000 fabric samples. Examples of his innovations that we remember are the fabric coatings such as joint fabrics, thermo sensitive fabrics, rubber flax and rubber wool as well as being the first to use specialised garment dying and stone washing.

With his capacity to anticipate the future, he has traced paths that many others have pursued and will continue to follow. The entire textile industry has been entirely revolutionised by Osti’s research.

Conscious of inheriting this great richness of ideas, his son Lorenzo and daughter Agata, together with some of Massimo’s well known collaborators, will carry on the legacy of the Osti Studio with the objective of continuing the creative work of the past years and eventually producing a Studio Osti collection.

However, Lorenzo and Agata’s first project has been to create a Textile Library. This new project, which started in 2004, with Massimo’s help, will hold and preserve the constant research brought on by Osti in a period of 30 years activity.

Massimo Osti Studio will also continue the activity of styling consultant which has always been tied to innovation and research within the textile industry.

Signed – Lorenzo Osti.

Even the most dedicated Fashionistas might’nt of heard of Massimo Osti!

Nonetheless Massimo Osti’s contribution to menswear in the 20th and 21st centries is undoubtedly as momentus as that of Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Gianni Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Franco Moschino. Massimo Osti, a reclusive Italian, is a truly unique and innovative thinker, fabric engineer and designer. A father of 3, Massimo Osti recently started a fresh new brand: Left Hand and Production.

Massimo Osti’s work with Left Hand and Production only hints to his immense pedigree; Massimo Osti created CP Company and Stone Island – the two brands which influenced a whole generation. Massimo Osti has influence many of the world’s top designers, including Helmut Lang and even Prada.

Left Hand and Production is destined to be a leader in 21st century fashion!

Gronk Clothing Made by the Captive for the Free

Gronk Clothing Get ready for the latest in designer street wear, welcome to the world of Gronk. They chose to create what may arguably be the rawest and most emotive brand to hit the streets.They wanted to give people are real sense of freedom and a product that they could feel. The way they did this is to make the clothes in a real place with real emotions that people would understand.

Gronk is a brand that has no middle ground and tries to capture the emotions behind life in gaol. Their slogan Made by the Captive for the Free illustrates the contrast between where the clothes are made and for whom they are made for. Every inmate that works on each item knows that only the garment will see freedom.

Gronk involves using established inmate labour within NSW gaols. The inmates make each item of clothing from the ground up under the supervision of the Gronk team. Each piece of clothing has a different saying written inside which is their way of signing off the garment.

Gronk will only ever be made in gaol using local raw materials, giving each item a genuine and honest depth to the label.

Through making Gronk in gaol inmates are provided with gainful employment, industry recognised skills, a means to contribute to victims of crime, the cost of their incarceration and other works programs.

Enjoy your freedom.

Wear it, don’t make it!

Thomas Gravesen Real Madrid Star face of Kudo

Thomas GravesenFootballer Thomas Gravesen is new face of Kudo – Young Danish fashion design company Kudo is continuing its use of famous and extraordinary people as models for its clothing range; its English branding agency Large Design has just returned from a photo shoot in Spain with Real Madrid footballer Thomas Gravesen.

“As an advancing Danish retailer, using famous Danes as part of our marketing campaign helps us grow internationally while signalling our Danish roots,” explains Kudo’s managing director Troels Simonsen. “Our key market segment is males between 20-35 years of age, and it is important that we do our own thing and use unconventional models to show our positioning in Urban Tailoring, which is somewhere in between street wear and smart casual wear.  “Kudo is a young and dynamic brand, which must continue to surprise and create attention in a world of large multinational brands and our work with Thomas Gravesen does just that,” he says.

Kudo was established in 2000 and is retailed in more than 100 individual clothes shops in Denmark and another 150 shops internationally, in 15 different countries. Danish boxer Mads Larsen, footballer Mads Larsen and celebrity chef Nikolaj Kirk also feature in Kudo’s campaign. International customers count musician Jamie Cullum, Nicky Byrne of Westlife and Hollywood star, actress Scarlett Johansson.

Beyonce Knowles – Bape and Evisu

Beyonce Bape Boots Evisu Jeans Beyonce Knowles, Destiny Child’s lead singer, actress, style queen and alround contemporary diva, has recently been seen sporting a number of japanese fashion brands. First she was seen sporting a pair of guys Evisu Jeans and most recently she was seen strutting her amazing stuff in a pair of Bape boots.

It is an undeniable reality that whatever Beyonce wears is “sexy” and consequently cool and fashionable. This leads us to the question: is wearing japanese clothing hip or hype? Whatever your thoughts it’s an undeniable fact that the equation: Beyonce x Evisu x Bape = Financial Success. Throw the name Pharrell Williams into the equation and then you’ve got a recipe for MEGA Financial Success. This is all exciting stuff but it’s too easy to lose sight of a brands substance when it’s cloaked in an aura of contemporary mega stardom!

Bape and Evisu, Hip or Hype? You decide!

Stone Island Clothing the end of an Era?

Stone Island Clothing For over a decade Stone Island clothing has been a “must have” piece of clothing for every lad who likes a drink with his mates and a scuffle on the terraces. The Stone Island masterminds positioned their brand so intelligently it gained a true cult following. Stone Island clothing, especially the well designed and tailored Stone Island Jacket, was meticulously marketed and intelligently distributed so the brand maintained its reputation for elitist “lad-fashion”. The question posited in this brief articles is: are those days over?

Over the past few years there’s been an almost inconceivable growth in online retailing, some legitimate but a significant percentage illegitimate. The growth in online retailing has not only precipitated the growth in counterfeit merchandise and questionable parallel imports it’s also compromised a brands ability to control its distribution, so where once a brand could limit distribution to maintain its kudos and reputation today it’s almost impossible so the longevity of a brands kudos is shortened with obvious detrimental consequence. Stone Island has been a major victim of online retailers selling either counterfeits or parallel imports and the web is awash with seemingly endless supplies of Stone Island Clothing, Jackets, Sweaters, Cardigans, Jeans, Shirts and accessories. Perhaps the Stone Island Era was coming to a natural end anyway but one things for sure the exponential growth of online retailing certainly precipitated the end of the Era. Other brands should also take heed of this development because perhaps the growth of online retailing equals the end of genuine brand control? 

Miss Sixty Jeans, A Brand with a Heart!

Miss Sixty JeansA truck load of respect and admiration should be delivered to the Miss Sixty brand! Hangtags for Humanity”, a not for profit agency, and Italian fashion brand Miss Sixty present the “Staying Alive Jean” to benefit the MTV Staying Alive Foundation (SAF). The “Staying Alive Jean,” sold exclusively at Miss Sixty stores nationwide, will champion SAF’s efforts to support young people everywhere who are protecting themselves and their communities against the many threats posed by the spread of HIV and AIDS. How impressive it would be if other brands were to follow this admirable lead and create one-off pieces in support of laudable charities; perhaps an Armani T-Shirt in support of Animal Welfare, a Prada tie to help support the fight against poverty, maybe a D&G jacket in support of the fight against child-labour or a Chanel dress to aid the fight against cancer – the potential is virtually endless. The philanthropist in us all would surely be eager to support such a laudable endeavour!

Thanks to Miss Sixty for showing fashion can walk hand-in-hand with compassion.

Jimmy Choo Shoes without Jimmy Choo?

Jimmy Choo Shoes How has Jimmy Choo Shoes fared since the departure of Jimmy Choo OBE? Has the Jimmy Choo brand lost some of its mystique and gravitas? Was it ever possible to take Jimmy Choo the man out of the Brand and still expect it to thrive with such dynamism and creativity? Perhaps the definitive answers to these questions is still in the balance. The Jimmy Choo brand still appears to be maintaining its precious customer-base and some of the designs since Jimmy Choo’s departure look acceptable, so perhaps there is life after Jimmy Choo for Jimmy Choo shoes? It is still possible to buy Jimmy Choo shoes from the man himself. Jimmy Choo designs and creates bespoke footwear under the alluring banner of Jimmy Choo Couture and are availble from his London store.

Jimmy Choo quick Bio:

Jimmy Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1961 into a family of shoe makers. He made his first shoe when he was only 11 years old. He attended Cordwainers’s Technical College in London and the London College of Fashion.

All Jimmy Choo Couture shoes are hand-made, his unrivalled craftsmanship is demonstrated with obsessive attention to detail. Jimmy Choo Couture Shoes compliment the very finest designer clothing.

Jimmy Choo’s style is always elegant, feminine and occasionally seductive. Jimmy Choo Couture shoes were favoured by the Princess of Wales, who would buy one style in several colours for evening wear and to coordinate with her day suits. Jimmy Choo lost count of the number of shoes he made for Princess Diana. After the separation she could frequently be seen in his delicate high-heeled shoes, a style that she could not wear when walking with her shorter husband.

Stella McCartney and Adidas Collaboration

Stella McCartney and AdidasAre designer colloborations a marketing gimmick fostered by “common-place” brands running out of ideas and credibility?

The number of designer colloborations has increased exponentially over the past year or so, particularly in the footwear industry, and the main emphasise appears to be for the “common-place” brands to hook up with a respected designer or fashion house. Adidas/McCartney, Puma/McQueen, Nike/Nigo, Puma/Evisu etc.

What next! Converse and Prada!  Footlocker and Tods! or perhaps Gola and Gucci!

Tsubi – Hot Air or Substance?

Tsubi BookA number of learned fashionistas amongst us have highlighted the not too unreasonable similarities between Tsubi and Bape. Many are questioning whether there’s a new “fashion” phenomenon at play. The premise maintains that traditional fashion created around tailoring and design has been replaced by psuedo-fashion built upon a foundation of hype-and-tease. The days of go honest design and tailoring demonstrated by the likes of Giorgio Armani, Chanel, YSL, Dior and McQueen amongst others, have been replaced with a new type of pseudo-fashion which has very little to do with innovative design and tailoring and more to do with generating a “fashion myth” which is perpetuated by limited availability and a nonchalant approach to grass-roots customer service focusing more on celebrities to help perpetuate the seemingly unattainable myth.

Tsubi have recently taken the hype-and-tease phenomenon to a new level with the introduction of their new “Tsubi Book” which is apparently a pictorial memoir of their five year history. Why anyone would want to purchase a pictorial menoir of a clothing brand with less than five years’ history is perhaps beyond most observers who haven’t been swept away in the hype-and-tease. Nevertheless, the fact remains, the Tsubi Book is set to become another collector’s item, providing they manage to limit supply and pump up the hype-and-tease. The book will be sold in Sydney Tsubi boutiques in Paddington and Bondi and after Sydney it will launched in London, New York, Paris and Los Angelas.

The tsubi book is exclusive to tsubi and FAT stores for RRP $90.

Have you also noticed that brands like Tsubi and Bape fail to provide a useable website for their customers. All part of the hype-and-tease phenomenon methinks!!

BAPE Clothing – A Bathing Ape

Bape Clothing Bape Jeans A Bathing Ape ClothesA Bathing Ape (BAPE) is it just Hype or is it truly a cultural phenomenon? Is the founder of A Bathing Ape, Nigo, an artistic genious or a shrewd businessman with a propensity for marketing and tapping into the vast expendable income of the world’s youth? Perhaps a question still in the balance! Regardless, no one can deny the impact of Nigo and the Bape Brand in the 21st century.

Nigo, a 33 year old man born in Japan, has a youthful, almost child-like air. This youthful characteristic is clearly reflected in his A Bathing Ape brand. Some argue it is this very edge that makes him stand out!! The whole brand is anti-establishment, in-your-face, uncompromising BLING! Nigo himself is adorned in extreme Hip-hop paraphernalia: his teeth covered in diamonds, massive neckchains, a garish watch and of course is signature apparel.

Apart from Bape apparel, there are the Bapesta, or Bape Sta, sneakers that have a wide cult following. There’s also the Ice Cream Sneakers connection and endless gadget and marketing spin-offs. Many believe Nigo’s genious likes not so much in his design but in his method, which is far from mad, and is based on limited supply – if you can’t have it you want it even more. Bape clothes are just so difficult to obtain. The official Bape stores carry a limited amount of stock sold on a first come first serve basis. On the plus side the stock is constantly rotated so if you don’t find what you want straight away maybe you’ll be lucky in the future.

A new brand showing signs of the “Bape” effect is Jhung Yuro. Many fashionistas will tell you Jhung Yuro shoes are far superior to Bape Sta and Ice Cream. It seems Nigo has spawn a whole new breed of Japanese entrepreneur. Whether you hate him or rate him, one thing’s for sure Nigo is a genuine 21st century phenomenon!

Edun Jeans by Bonio

Loomstate JeansU2 frontman Bono (Bonio), wife Ali Hewson and designer Rogan launch a new ethical clothing line Edun. Edun apparent stands for Nude backwards? Their mission is to build a brand that produces desirable and wearable clothing and provides employment in the developing world.

Of course it’s very easy to be cynical of their motives. Is their mission truly philanthropic or is is merely henious self-promotion; U2 are not the band they used to be and some might suspect this represents a desperate attempt to gain the spotlight. Whatever their motives are, they’re certainly entering a growing market. Ethical consumerism is growing at an exponential rate and this is reflected by the growth of a number of brands including: KOhZO, People’s Liberation, Loomstate amongst others. I suspect the answer is to give Bono and the bunch the benefit of the doubt and let time provide the definitive answer? Goodluck EDUN!


The story of Edun begins in Spring 2005. It’s a tale populated by the liked of poet Rainer Maria Rilke, the denizens of the Art Nouveau movement and the lush green forests of the Irish countryside. Edun is the brainchild of U2’s Bono, Ali Hewson, and designer Rogan. It was here that Edun was born as an alternative approach to creating beautiful clothes in a respectful manner. The model is a marriage of social activism and aesthetic innovation. Edun’s goal is to build a business while creating sustainable employment in developing areas of the world, such as South America and Africa. In order to achieve the brand’s design and social goals, the team sought out factories that represent the “gold standard” in skill and labor practices. These long-term relationships provide the foundation by which to build the brand and grow the communities in which Edun works. Edun is committed to the lives of the people who help to make the brand’s vision a reality. Inscribed in every pair of Edun’s jeans is the statement “We carry the story of the people who make our clothes around with us.” Edun wants to keep that story positive by refuting the notion that marginalization and the “Race to the bottom” are the necessary costs of doing business. The beauty of the line’s aesthetics mirror the beauty of its business model, and from that comes a new chapter of an ongoing story – on that Edun hopes others will embrace and follow.

Kim Basinger – New Face of Prada

Prada - Kim BasingerKim Basinger, was a fine attress in her day. However, I have to say she doesn’t exactly exude the Prada image in my humble opinion. Prada has a tradition built on elegant style and refinement, qualities not immediately associated with Kim Basinger. Kim Basinger comes across more as a pretty tom-boy, almost “one of the lads”! Her style is rough-feminine and certainly not elegant as one would associate with traditional Prada. But then, perhaps I am missing the point! Maybe Prada is trying to move away from it’s traditional base and make an impact within the “ladette” market. If so, a major mistake methinks!!

KITMEOUT Free Fashion Auction

Free Fashion AuctionKITMEOUT – a network of professional fashion journalists dedicated to providing up to date fashion news and reviews from around the world, announces the launch of the Kitmeout Fashion Auction.

KITMEOUT is a FREE online fashion auction. Kitmeout is free to both individuals and companies. Kitmeout enables Registered Users to buy, sell and swap clothes, shoe, accessories and gifts.

Both individuals and companies are able to set up their own FREE Kitmeout store. It’s easy and only takes minutes. You will receive FREE website hosting, a FREE url and a powerful admin tool to manage your FREE online store. Creating your own store with Kitmeout is fast and easy, and most importantly – it’s FREE.

What exactly is a Kitmeout Online Store?
Kitmeout is both a 100% FREE online Fashion Auction and a FREE online store builder. When you register with Kitmeout you receive a FREE online auction account and online store.

How much does it cost to have an online store at
Your Kitmeout online store is 100% FREE. You receive 100% of your sales.

What software do I need to run my Kitmeout Online store?
There are no software requirements to build and manage your store. Just use your web browser and Internet connection.

How many products will my Kitmeout Online Store support?
Your Kitmeout Online Store supports an unlimited number of products.

Can I use my own domain name?
You can point your existing domain name to your Kitmeout Online Store through a forwarding option (offered by your domain provider).

Kitmeout is intended to be an enjoyable and friendly environment for everyone interested in style and fashion.


Burberry Clothes and Kate MossBurberry may have dumped Kate Moss over her alleged cocaine use but that’s like throwing a bucket of water over a blazing inferno. Burberry’s slide from the pinnacles of fashion goes much further back. It starts with marketing their products, mainly caps, scarves and knitwear, at non-traditional customers. Once Burberry became part of the hooligan sub-culture, traditional buyers left the fold and the consequent compound-effect was a downward turn is sales and credibility. Burberry cannot expect to use Kate Moss as the proverbial scape-goat. Burberry needs to look inwards and struggle with a rebirth of its whole marketing ethos!

Evisu Trainers


Evisu Trainers


Haven’t seen the Converse-like Evisu trainers before. They look quite cool. I bought these Evisu Puma Trainers last year.

Evisu Saville Row

Is it true that you can actually watch the Evisu tailors at work – making the Evisu Deluxe range (formal / dress shirts, suits etc) at their 9 Saville Row boutique?


Kohzo Jeans

modern life is about variety. let’s face it. there has never been a time in history when we have had more options and opportunities everyday. people who choose KOhZO not only know this – they celebrate it. the men and women who wear KOhZO DENIM are passionate about life. you select clothes that allow you to embrace all that you love to do, from walking through the woods to strolling in the city, from being leaders in the office to relaxing in the home, from stretching, dancing, and playing to sitting still, silent and elegant. Your interests and needs are complex – you choose only the clothes that can keep up. we also live in a time of connectedness. never before have we been so aware of how our actions affect the lives of others. not to mention the environment. and that’s another reason why people choose KOhZO.

all of KOhZO’s fabrics are 100% natural. unlike most of today’s jeans that are made of cotton with synthetic and sulfur dyes, KOhZO uses exclusive, rare, and totally pure ingredients. these include washi, a traditional japanese paper, as well as hibiscus, bamboo, pineapple, cannabis, and much more. KOhZO dyes consist of pure indigo, vegetable, natural mud, fruit, and charcoal. and KOhZO fabrics are semi-hand woven on traditional shuttle looms. so you won’t find the artificial treatments and unnatural finishes that exist on most of today’s jeans. this is how we keep our promise to you: beauty and comfort, never at the expense of the environment.

native to japan, kohzo is a paper mulberry tree. its inner barks are primarily used to make washi, traditional japanese paper. because of its smooth texture and unique strength, kohzo has been used for centuries to produce many japanese fabrics.

think of cowboys deep in meditation. imagine a buddhist temple in the wild west. in this way, the KOhZO label combines western and eastern tradition. we want you to feel at home in a fabric that combines the luxury and care of a japanese kimono with the functionality of classic blue jeans.

to ensure the comfort and durability of every pair of jeans, we use only natural fiber blends. our products meet the highest quality standards and are 100% environmentally safe.

How do you choose your denim?
these days, the choices can be overwhelming. from brands to styles to cuts to washes, there is more denim than ever before. but how many of these brands are actually unique?
KOhZO denim is truly exceptional.
KOhZO knows that you want your denim to be exciting and fresh, while at the same time preserving what makes denims great-comfort, durability and sexy, casual style. so while they are thrilled to introduce new styles and brand new cuts and washes, they are also proud of their commitment to the long legacy of comfortable denim.
for S/S 2006, they are bringing in exciting new materials for our denim.
KOhZO continues its utilization of all natural products in an ongoing effort to care for the environment. their existing lines will also see new cuts, washes and the employment of new fabrics. be prepared for KOhZO’s totally original look created by coating with natural ingredients, flashing, injecting and wrapping.
KOhZO is also delighted to announce their first collection of men’s and women’s jackets, shirts and tee shirts.

Puma & McQueen

Puma Announces Collaboration with  Alexander McQueen

PUMA® announces today a collaborative partnership with fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. The new line of men’s and women’s footwear created by PUMA and Alexander McQueen will launch in Spring 2006. Known for his innovative approach to fashion, Alexander McQueen is an established luxury brand with a strong international following. His ability to push boundaries and his intricate craftsmanship in his own collections makes him an ideal partner for PUMA.
“I have always had a great passion for trainers, so I am very excited about this collaboration with PUMA. I am confident that my design philosophy, combined with PUMA’s excellence in the field, will result in a totally unique product. I believe that this partnership will be a great success,” said Alexander McQueen.
The Alexander McQueen and PUMA Collaboration will include both men’s and women’s footwear and represents an opportunity for PUMA to further define the sport-fashion footwear market with a hugely influential fashion reference from Alexander McQueen. PUMA has always been an innovator in the world of sport-fashion, partnering with leading fashion brands and recently consolidating its position by opening a store in New York City’s Meatpacking District alongside Alexander McQueen’s flagship store.
“Alexander McQueen is one of the most creative minds in fashion and his collaboration with PUMA will make his work accessible to a broader consumer,” said CEO and Chairman of PUMA AG, Jochen Zeitz. “The collaboration will connect PUMA with the most front-end fashion innovators and take the concept of sport-fashion to the next level. Known for his ability to juxtapose influences, the fusing of sport and fashion was Alexander McQueen’s challenge, his response is an unexpected collection that is based on the union of tradition and technology.”
The collection will be unveiled during women’s fashion week in London in September 2005 and will be available at select high-end retailers globally in Spring 2006.
PUMA® is the global athletic brand that successfully fuses influences from sport, lifestyle and fashion. PUMA’s unique industry perspective delivers the unexpected in sportlifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories, through technical innovation and revolutionary design. Established in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1948, PUMA distributes products in over 80 countries. 

Jhung Yuro Trainers

Jhung Yuro Luxury Footwear


Philadelphia , PA ( January 1, 2006) – KKB Holdings, Inc. introduces a new partner in their men’s luxury footwear brand, Jhung Yuro. The website, will be the exclusive online retailer for spring 2006 Jhung Yuro product in the UK. They will sell in-line product as well as exclusive special make-ups. “We welcome the addition of into the family of Jhung Yuro retailers. With their guarantee of the authenticity of all of their exclusive designer clothes, shoes and accessories, we felt their involvement was key in the worldwide launch of Jhung Yuro in the upcoming months,” states KKB Holding’s CEO, Kristopher Wright.

Spring/Summer 2006 Collection

The sophisticated new collection from Jhung Yuro gets its inspiration from the safari and various wildlife. Natural materials like snakeskin in vibrant colors continue Jhung Yuro’s design esthetic of the marriage of luxury lifestyle footwear and exclusivity with comfort and originality. Key styles for the season include the Exotic I and the Hiker Low, designed in rich, bold colorways and earth tones with pastel pops, respectively.

“The spring 2006 collection will be the continuation of Jhung Yuro’s ground swell period carrying over from fall and holiday 2005. Our number one goal is to continue creating brand awareness before launching nationwide in Fall 2006,” says Wright.

Hitting US retail in February and online at in March, Jhung Yuro’s spring 2006 collection is comprised of fifteen sku’s retailing from $300 to $350, available in sizes 39-48. The brand is for those who want footwear that embody both the qualities characteristic of luxury goods and the individual touches typically found only in product available in smaller runs. With only 350 pairs of each sku available at retail, these will be the must have shoes of the season.
Apart from selling all the top traditional designer brands, Togged’s international network of experienced fashion buyers are continually searching for new, cutting-edge designers from around the world, this is reflected in the eclectic range of traditional and contemporary brands offered at We are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best and very latest in authentic designer fashion.

Launched in 2005, Jhung Yuro was created when designers Jhung Yuro and Ceasar Lunix recognized a void in the men’s luxury lifestyle footwear marketplace. Jhung Yuro is currently available in specialty boutiques including, Nom De Guerre and Otto Tootsie Plohound in New York City, Ubiq and Fusion in Philadelphia and Arrive in Miami. Projected sales for the first twelve months are expected to exceed $2M.

The collection is available to view and buy online: Click Here!

Red Monkey Jeans by Red Monkey Company



Martin Ksohoh of the exclusive ONE DOUBLE “O” ONE shops on the Kowloon Island of Hong Kong is the man behind the amazing Red Monkey Jeans brand. The brand concept was born of Japanses influence, constructed of specially modified colored cotton, woven into selveage denim, materialized into the form of the Red Monkey Company. A brand named after its creator Martin, who was dubbed Red Monkey by the Japanese native “YAMANE”, creator of the “AVISYA TAILOR” retail concept and more.

In 2002, Martin began working with engineered cotton harvested from a farm in china. The unique yellow fibre creates a very special hand feel and colour shade when woven and dyed with the indigo rope dying method. As demonstrated by the institute lepine in paris more than a decade ago, this cotton fibre allowed new processing methods to be done that were not harmful to the environment and also introduced a raw denim that retained the characteristics of rawness on the outside while the inner surface is plush, smooth and unlike any other raw jeans found in the market place.

RMC was introduced in hong kong to the lane crawford retail chain as an exclusive product, 3 years ago, and has enjoyed tremendous success along with brands such as seven, fake genius, evisu and blue blood. It has performed incredibly without a markdown or discount to date. It is a very specialized product that due to nature of manufacture has a very limited supply yet has created exponential demand. The design is pure vintage art, circa the 50’s and 60’s, and original japanese wood block prints embroidered on a traditional 5 pocket well shaped jean allowing room for a man to breathe yet not baggy. This is the industry standard, that tapers nicely at the bottom but not pegged.

As RMC prepares to establish itself in the american market it has expanded its fabric offering with traditional 32inch loomed selvage denim from japan, (double ringspun, indigo rope dyed, 13.75oz premium denim). The real deal! With white selvage end to end that identifies its unique heritage. The original engineered colored cotton fabric continues to be offered in a 5 pocket premium with wave embroidered back pockets that expresses the natural beauty and inspiration of crashing waves that constantly shape the island of the rising sun. Its not too distant neighbor, hong kong, has provided a foundation for the concept that blends quality, craftmanship and honor as principles, and offers a unique choice other than that found in europe or from the saturated enviroment of so called premium american brands.
In september of 2004 rmc opened its first flagship retail concept destination on the island of kowloon. This collaboration with erik kot has generated a cult following in as little as a financial quarter. The natural wood structure blended with black walls and ceiling creates a dark mystery that is well lit with custom designed lighting and red covered lamps that emit a nice glow over the centerpiece of the shop, a slice of a 500 year old tree from a chinese forrest. Nature is very much an influence as well as featuring creative products from other up and coming namesakes. Authentic japanese evisu is featured here, as well as, dupe clothing from the uk, tsubi jeans from australia and a new french tailored denim company. This hidden treasure on the back streets of tsim tsa tsui, (chim saw choy), bears gold medal product that beckons to be worn.


In the second quarter of 2005, 2 new models were introduced as well as an expanded fit range, a slim fit, and cinch back farmer will be offered. Denims are our specialty, so no there are no other items for america as yet. There are accessories, and there are novelty tops to be found in the shop in hong kong. You are welcome to make the journey as we have numerous times. You can then experience the tradition for yourself firsthand and avoid reading through our novel.

We invite you to share in our experience and dream. We welcome your passion and support. We share one slogan with you and hope you will spend some time with us. In life we find that if — ” you never try, you never know” belief is all it takes a little or a lot.
Peace and blessings
Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh creator and founder of “RMC”
The Red Monkey Company.

Levi unveils iPod playing jeans

The latest must-have for fashion conscious gadget lovers has been unveiled – a pair of jeans that can control an iPod.

Levi Strauss’ RedWire DLX Jeans will have an iPod remote control and docking station fitted in their pockets, and will come with attached headphones.The jeans are due out in August, and should cost about £115.

No pictures of the jeans have come out, and, more importantly, neither have instructions on how to wash them.

Levi aren’t the first clothing company to make iPod-compatible clothing, but are the first to make trousers to go with the music player.

Outdoor clothing company Burton Snowboards unveiled the first iPod-compatible waterproof jacket in 2003, and other companies have followed suit.


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